Frigitek Services was created in August, 2017, to fill the void created when Packaged Refrigeration Systems stopped selling the popular Frigitek products.

The people of Frigitek Sevices are the same people who invented and designed the Frigitek, and who established Energy Control Equipment, Inc., to build and sell Frigitek products.

In August, 2016, ECE and the Frigitek product line were sold to Lionchase Holdings, Inc., with the expectation that Lionchase would carry on with the manufacturing and sales of Frigitek controllers, through their subsidiary, Packaged Refrigeration Systems.

However, in April, 2017, Lionchase, through PRS, ceased to manufacture and sell the controllers.  Frigitek Services will continue to make the controllers available, along with EC motors.  Note that "Frigitek" is now a registered trademark of Lionchase Holdings, Inc.
Frigitek Services